Gorgeous 12 ct Blue Topaz, 14k White Gold Ring

Gorgeous 12 ct Blue Topaz, 14k White Gold Ring

Regular price $4,999.99

Brand: All Ice On Me

12 ct Blue Topaz

Metal: 14k White Gold is pictured 

price is good for: 14k white, rose or yellow gold


Made in the US, custom designed. This was custom-made for a customer, and an example of what you can get custom-made as well. Or you can get an exact replica of this as pictured if that is desired. 

deposit up front then final once you see finished ring then shipped after final payment 

guaranteed or your money back

fine jewelry , 100% real 

For: any, engagement, wedding, anniversary, gift

All Ice on Me is the Coldest
High Value

Our Jewelry is carefully selected with the highest value possible for the lowest costs offered

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Ice is sexy

Show your individual flair and style with stunning jewelry. Who wears sweats with gorgeous crystal drop earrings? You do you ice queen!!!!!!

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